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Midaxo Announces General Availability of Next Generation M&A Software

Midaxo+ Enables Deal Management and Visibility from a Single Platform

BOSTON, MA, April 5, 2022 – Midaxo, provider of M&A software for corporate development teams, today announced the release of its next generation M&A platform, Midaxo+, offering advanced capabilities for frequent acquirers to manage and visualize deal progress from start to finish in a single platform.

The Midaxo+ M&A deal management solution was developed specifically to address the challenges of frequent acquirers and will change the way companies manage M&A deals. Instead of using multiple, unconnected tools, making deal sourcing, progress tracking, document management, and reporting difficult, with Midaxo+, frequent acquirers can manage all deals in a single platform, enabling better visibility, collaboration, and outcomes.

“Midaxo makes it easy for Corel to visualize our M&A pipeline, evaluate targets, and collaborate effectively,” said Charles Breed, VP Corporate Development M&A, COREL / KKR. “But the real game-changer is how easy it is to add, move, and update – so everyone is on the same page.”

Midaxo+ Highlights

  • Pipeline Management: database of deals, pipeline visualization, tracking contacts, documents, and communications
  • Process Management: templatizing, standardizing, and tracking tasks throughout deal sourcing
  • Buy-Side Virtual Data Room (VDR): managing information requests/disclosure between buyer and seller in due diligence; making docs available to stakeholders in post-merger integration (PMI)
  • Data Security: certified organization-wide for ISO 27001 information security standard

Key Features

  • End-to-End M&A Platform – centralizes all deal data in a single system of record
  • Playbooks – standardize the process across deals
  • CRM – tracks contacts and communications
  • Buy-Side VDR – makes files available to all stakeholders
  • Kanban-Style Pipeline –visually organizes deal progress by key milestones
  • Midaxo Insights – automatically populates key target information
  • Deal Scoring – identifies targets matching predefined acquisition criteria
  • Due Diligence Checklists – increase process efficiency
  • Information Requests – list all materials to be provided by the seller
  • Deal Workspaces– keep each deal’s details separate
  • Dashboards – provide insight into how deals align with strategy and goals
  • Slides –automatically generate and update in-app presentations of deal data
  • Task Management – ensures accountability of team members
  • Progress Tracking – provides visibility into deal status
  • Email Notifications – send updates about documents, tasks, and statuses
  • Outlook Integration – centralizes communications with all stakeholders

“Midaxo+ is the next generation of our M&A software suite, specifically built for serial acquirers,” said Kalle Kilpi, Chief Product Officer. “Midaxo+ combines the functionality of a CRM, a virtual data room, and an M&A process management tool in a single platform that helps companies consistently succeed with M&A.”

For more information on Midaxo+, visit or watch a 2-minute overview video of our M&A deal management software.

About Midaxo

Midaxo helps corporate development teams manage the entire M&A process from deal sourcing to evaluation and post-merger integration. The Midaxo+ software solution enables frequent acquirers to standardize their approach, visualize deal progress, and create value faster. To learn more about Midaxo, visit


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