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Collaborate More Effectively, Easily Monitor Performance to Plan, Complete Diligence Faster, and Realize Higher Transaction Value

Midaxo Cloud is a comprehensive platform for all types and stages of corporate dealmaking. It centralizes all transaction-related documents, communications, and work plans in one place, allowing teams to work from the same information in a coordinated manner. Role-based access ensures team members view only the information they need and view only their relevant projects to enable effective collaboration with appropriate confidentiality. Dashboards and status reports enable team members to view their next best required action. Embedded analytics and reporting enable the creation of real-time status reports and slides, whether using the embedded reporting engine or leveraging integrations with leading BI tools such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. The Value Tracker allows teams to capture their deal thesis in financial projections that can be regularly compared to actual results to monitor value realization.

The comprehensive Midaxo Cloud solution for corporate development and M&A serves as a single source-of-truth with advanced tools for managing and reporting on team efforts, enabling companies to review up to 5x more deals, reduce due diligence up to 50%, and reduce post-merger integration times by 40%. Over 500 companies have used Midaxo solutions to complete more than $1 trillion in deal value. Learn what Midaxo Cloud can do for you by arranging a time to speak with one of our team.

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