Integration Team

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Plan and Manage Integration Plans, Collaborate Effectively, Smoothly Transition from Diligence to Integration, and Realize Higher Deal Value

Midaxo Cloud helps post-merger integration teams stay on plan, follow best practices, collaborate effectively, and realize maximum deal value. All documents, communications, and work plans are maintained in the comprehensive, centralized Midaxo platform, ensuring effective team member collaboration. Information hand off from the diligence to the integration team is seamless with the built-in VDR housing all diligence documents and integrated tools that allow priority issues flagged during diligence to be efficiently handed off to the integration team. User customizable playbooks capture your best practices and power creation of new project plans, saving time and ensuring consistent processes. Dashboards and standard reports allow all team members to always know their next required action. Advanced analytics and reporting allow integration leaders to easily create real-time management reports.

The end-to-end Midaxo work management platform for corporate development and M&A is a single source-of-truth with advanced tools for managing integration teams. It enables companies to review 5x more deals, reduce due diligence time by 50%, and reduce post-merger integration time up to 40%. Over 500 companies have used Midaxo to complete more than $1 trillion in deal value across over 5,000 transactions. Learn more about Midaxo Cloud by scheduling a time to speak with one of our team.

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