Efficiently Manage Legal Entity Changes
After Acquisitions, Divestments, etc. 

Challenges of Legal Entity Management

Volume of Projects

Difficult to coordinate multiple changes simultaneously.

Multiple Players 

Work assigned to local lawyers and tax advisors, inconsistent procedures.

Controlling Expenses

Fixed fee arrangements not accepted without clear tasks. Little progress visibility.

Legal Entity Solution

Efficient Platform of Legal Entities Rationalization

Manage legal entity changes as efficiently as possible across in-house and out-sourced teams. Build or leverage a best practice playbook to ensure consistency and efficiency. Keep track of progress with a centralized environment and reporting.

Benefits Midaxo Customers See

Execute Rapidly

Manage hundreds of projects in parallel through a stringent process. Minimize time spent on tedious tasks. 

Minimize Risks

Avoid missed steps and costly or time- consuming mistakes. Ensure consistency  when working with in-house and out-sourced work. 

Build Smoother Processes 

Set your team and contractors up for continued success by capturing knowledge and providing clear guidance. 

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Advantages of Midaxo

Built for M&A

Use a solution that works built for complex changes, not just on-going processes.


Used by 200+ companies. Ready to implement for legal entity management.


Straightforward interface for core and non-core team members to use.