Midaxo Workspaces Help Teams Isolate Deal Pipelines While Sharing Best Practices 


Corporate dealmaking often requires the isolation of corporate development teams and their deal flows for compliance, confidentiality, and other business reasons. Ensuring security and confidentiality is crucial because a single careless click of a mouse could jeopardize a deal, cause regulatory chaos, or damage a company’s reputation. However, maintaining visibility and effectively managing the status of deal flows across isolated teams is necessary for successful business management. In this post, we will explore a few ways that Midaxo Workspaces addresses these challenges, providing a secure and efficient solution for dealmaking teams.

Isolation of Deal Teams

This solution allows organizations managing multiple deal teams to segregate data and workflows, ensuring confidentiality and mitigating the chance of mixing up portfolios. Workspaces provides each team with its own unique environment, granting access to deal pipeline data and preventing them from accessing data in other groups’ pipelines. Only the organization-level corporate development team has visibility into data from all the groups, ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Sharing Best Practices

The platform enhances the confidence and conviction of everyone involved in the dealmaking process by enabling clear and consistent internal communications. By providing a single source of truth, Workspaces enables an organization to share best practices, even across isolated teams. Users are no longer left guessing about expectations, language, structure or reporting requirements — ensuring they are set up to deliver precisely what the company needs. Organizations can share best practices, playbooks, requirements, etc. across the entire enterprise while maintaining complete confidentiality of other data.

Powerful Global Reporting

The platform also simplifies the generation of global reports, including charts, graphs and other visual data. Enterprise-level corporate development teams can effortlessly generate monthly or quarterly reports tailored for different internal stakeholders, saving time and effort. This greater visibility saves time and enables the senior management team to quickly gain valuable insights and identify potential risks.

Multi-Workspaces SSO Support

The Midaxo Cloud includes multi-workspace SSO support. This feature enables users to log in to multiple workspaces using a single sign-on (SSO) account. This is a great time-saving feature for those with access to multiple Midaxo Workspaces. 

Final Thoughts

Unrivaled in terms of security, efficiency and versatility, Midaxo Workspaces is an excellent solution for organizations that require global visibility and want to maintain confidentiality while managing their deal flows. All of the features mentioned in this article are live now, so try them out on your own or schedule a time to see them in action. The new enhancements, alongside the Midaxo Cloud’s existing feature set, help your corporate development team more easily find, evaluate, and deliver deal value.

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