Introducing Midaxo VDR+ for End-to-End M&A Deal Making

Manage every aspect of your M&A deal in one secure, cloud-based environment

Midaxo was designed with one goal in mind – to improve M&A efficiency and help teams get as much value as possible out of their deals. The best way to achieve this is by providing your teams with a centralized solution that manages every step of a transaction.

Now, we have taken the traditional virtual data room (VDR) and given it an upgrade with Midaxo VDR+. Going beyond a separate workspace for sharing, reviewing, and tracking secure deal documents, VDR+ combines a VDR with Midaxo’s versatile process management solution. This combined solution comes in a mobile-friendly, cross-platform interface.

Whether you’re managing a divestment, due diligence processes, or collaborating with external advisors, VDR+ gives you an easier and more efficient way to deliver M&A, without using multiple technology parties on each deal.

What is a Virtual Data Room (VDR)?

A virtual data room (VDR) is a secure online storage space that allows companies to track, manage, and share documents.

Many organizations once used physical data rooms to house their sensitive information, but that’s become much less common over time because of cost and convenience. Today, companies across a broad spectrum of industries use VDRs to share documents with clients, third-parties, investors, and internal teams.

Within M&A, a VDR is typically used to ensure a streamlined communication process and review of all pertinent information across both the buy- and sell-side. During due diligence, for example, all teams work within this space to share, review, and track every detail of the diligence process. VDRs are traditionally sold as a standalone product, one of several that deal teams use to manage their work.

The Midaxo VDR+ Difference

Our VDR+ gives your team the freedom to still manage your M&A pipeline securely, plus open data rooms on individual pipeline projects as needed. Setup your folder structure on any existing project, upload documents, manage internal and external team document visibility on the project, and then open up the data room.

Once you open up a data room in Midaxo, VDR+ users log into a secure workspace that gives them access to permissioned folders and documents, with no access to your overall pipeline. Users can search, download indexes, download, upload and perform Q&A. These features can be turned on and off for each individual user.

For phases such as strategic review, preparing for sale, engaging with potential buyers, seller and their advisors, tracking correspondence, sharing documents, closing a transaction, and project managing an integration or separation process, VDR+ gives you an intuitive, user-friendly virtual data room, built into Midaxo.

Here’s what VDR+ has to offer:

  • Mobile-friendly: access your VDR on your terms and at your convenience. Cross-platform functionality lets you upload, download, share, and read documents in your VDR on any mobile device or laptop.
  • Simple configuration: setup your custom VDR in minutes or ask us to do it for you. Use familiar features including drag and drop, one-click upload and download, and simple navigation.
  • Detailed permissions: you control document visibility, access, and permissions. Know that only the right people are seeing the right documents at the right time. Configure notifications, alerts, and audit trails to track project activity.
  • Multiple VDRs: configure as many custom VDRs as you need to maintain steady deal progress and efficiencies.
  • Index export: easily see where all documents are stored and quickly export your data to an external location for simplified document management.
  • Document management: read, download, upload, and search for documents within a secure pipeline modeled on the task structure for your deal. Know when documents were last modified and downloaded.
  • Communication: allow VDR users to privately comment on specific folders or documents

Midaxo VDR+ for M&A Deal Management

Trust and confidence are essential to the success of every M&A deal, and in many ways, this comes down to information sharing and ease-of-communication.

Everyone involved – buyers, sellers, investor, advisors, and anyone else – requires a trusted, secure, and collaborative way to reach the desired outcome. With VDR+ you have the capacity to manage how information is shared and accessed across different external groups, plus the ability to administer the entire process in the same environment.

VDR+ allows you to simplify the document management process with a few clicks, letting you run the deal more efficiently and on your terms. Watch Introducing VDR+ to see how VDR+ gives you the end-to-end deal management functionality everyone needs to do their best work.

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