Everything in one place

All documents, findings and communications are stored securely where you can easily control information access.

Automatic real-time reporting

Instantly view and export pipeline reports for board meetings and decision-making.

Better visibility

Easily manage your pipeline as each prospect and opportunity moves through your internal evaluation stages.

How does Midaxo deliver for you?

Midaxo eliminates headaches such as endless e-mail relay, handcrafted reports, and unclear deal-approval stages that come from piecing together non-M&A specific tools. Corporate development and buy-side support teams are achieving competitive advantages by:

  • Enabling better communication and stakeholder accountability with task management & activity controls
  • Avoiding information security risks with the only ISO27001 audited and compliant M&A software on the market
  • Having clear pipeline stage gates that promote good governance and informed decision making.
  • Quickly evaluating incoming opportunities from Databases, VC's, Prospecting, Bankers, Consultants
  • Creating templates and checklists that align with growth strategies for continued best-practice maturity

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