CREO’s Key Factors for Right Sizing Your Post-Merger Integration

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Introduction: The risks of not right sizing your integration span from stunted growth to missed opportunity and frustration. For instance, if you oversize your integration with resources and planning, you lose speed and agility; if you go too light, you can overlook critical aspects of culture and synergies.  Given the complexity of right sizing integrations, … Read more

Lessons Learned From Global Separation and Integration Programs: Best Practices with KPMG

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Introduction: Before we dive into best practices and insights on global separations and integration programs, we must first set the scene. While no separation is the same, there are key threads that run through each one. In this piece, we will assume you are trying to separate a fully integrated business unit with eight functions … Read more

6 Overarching  Best Practices for Post-Merger Integration in 2021

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Introduction: Research studies cited by Deloitte suggest that one of every two post-merger integration (PMI) attempts is categorized as “poor” or failing, which is quite concerning given post-merger integration is paramount to realizing deal value. This statistic obviously correlates to the often quoted statistic that approximately 70% of deals fail to reach their full potential. … Read more

Fight M&A Failure With The Three Building Blocks of Change Management

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Introduction: M&A happens because companies believe there is an intrinsic benefit to be had from deal-making, but failure or underperformance happens time and again because the “people” side of the equation is misunderstood or poorly managed throughout. When processes, tools, and methodologies take center stage in isolation, companies will miss the opportunity to extract the … Read more