What You Need to Know About SaaS Due Diligence

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Slack is worth over $5 billion. Shopify, $10 billion. LinkedIn was acquired for $26 billion and Salesforce is nearing $100 billion in market cap. The shared trait among these tech stars: a SaaS (software as a service) business model. Unlike physical inventory and brick and mortar-governed growth, cloud- based software has created a rapid and profitable way … Read more

An Overview of M&A Valuation Methods – the Right Price

A Guide to M&A Deal Flow and M&A Pipeline Management

A common question posed by buying/selling shareholders is “how much is the company worth” and/or “how can we make it worth more”? Valuation rests a lot on prevailing market conditions. Changes in valuation may occur due to certain types of company being in greater demand, or due to some sectors being perceived to be more … Read more