Midaxo - Getting Started

Getting started with Midaxo

We look to understand your current processes and strategies before using Midaxo to support your process management goals. Since each team has different sizes and experience levels, the onboarding process is unique from customer to customer.


Ensuring Customer Success

With Midaxo, there is no installation, configuration, or consulting required. Customers are normally onboarded by a customer success team member during a two-hour training session. Midaxo provides each customer with a named customer advocate for ongoing support and performance reviews. In addition, we maintain comprehensive and up to date FAQs, best practices, use cases, and informative webinars.

Midaxo Community

Being part of the Midaxo Community

As soon as you join Midaxo, you become part of our world class community that is trailblazing Digital M&A. This gives you the opportunity to learn and share best practices with other Midaxo customers, benefit from industry experts with our thought leading consultants, and drive product improvement through our customer feedback channel.


Product Improvements
Midaxo evolves on a day to day basis. As our customers grow through acquisitions, we grow vicariously through their success.



At Midaxo, we value our customers and appreciate their complex work. We aim to provide friendly, customized, and effective support. Contact us 24/7:



Our customers' feedback steers us in the right direction to improve our product. Please tell us what you have in mind and we will get back to you.

Product news

Product News

To stay up to date with our product, please head to our product blog.

For a history of product improvements, view our changelog.