Ask an Expert: Roll-Up Strategies

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Introduction: Galina Wolinetz boasts over 25 years of industry experience, specifically in Corporate Development roles. She is currently a critical member of Virtas Partners, serving as its Managing Director. In a recent Live Q&A with Midaxo, Wolinetz leveraged her expertise to offer insights into commonly asked questions regarding roll-ups. We’ve summarized some of the popular questions … Read more

IPO Checklist: Preparing to Go Public

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I. Setting the StageUnderstanding your IPO rationale and its implications Understanding the pros and cons of going public, and understanding the long-term implications of doing so, are essential. Companies that focus on what being a public entity will be like post-IPO are more successful than those that simply focus on the initial public offering.   … Read more

Holistic M&A: Why It is Needed Now More Than Ever

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Introduction: As Corporate Global Executive and writer Pearl Zhu says, “Holistic Thinking is a combination of analysis, systems thinking, and critical thinking.” However, as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity continues to ramp up post-Covid, stakeholders’ and practitioners’ excitement for M&A has the potential to cloud the thoughtful analysis and overall strategy that should drive deals. … Read more

A Look Back & A Look Ahead: M&A Activity in 2020 and 2021 Preview

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Introduction: In March 2020, as COVID-19 crippled our lives and the economy, M&A deal volume plummeted. Due to the pandemic’s uncharted territory, most deals halted. As a result, the first quarter of 2020 was far worse than the 2008 economic crisis. However, the ability to remain Agile and pivot, hallmarks of the best companies and … Read more

The Top M&A Software Providers of 2020

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Introduction: While M&A processes have not radically changed over the last few decades, we cannot deny the sweeping rise of M&A software, which has gained popularity due to improved technology and an overwhelming desire for efficiency. What makes shopping for M&A software challenging, however, is these so-called M&A software providers that are actually no more … Read more

Success Factors in Corporate Venturing

A Guide to M&A Deal Flow and M&A Pipeline Management

The impetus for corporate venturing is obvious: a corporation’s investment in startup companies can create new means to drive growth, financial return and advance strategic priorities. Generating valuable growth for shareholders, whether in the present or future, requires that companies clearly understand their strategy and operational capabilities. Clarity in these areas, and a demonstrated commitment … Read more