What’s New in Pipeline+?

Our newest platform, Pipeline+ is a CRM purpose-built for M&A.

We have been busy adding exciting new features into this centralized, intuitive tool that helps M&A professionals manage relationships, build a pipeline of opportunities, and report on real progress. 

  1. Midaxo Insights
    Within Pipeline+, users can simply enter the name of a target company (or easily import from Excel) and key information on those targets will automatically populate your database. The information includes company description, industry, location, estimated revenue, funding, and headcount. Additional information from CrunchBase, LinkedIn and Google Maps is easily accessed from within the platform, saving you time normally spent manually gathering and updating.
    This can be especially useful for Corporate Development teams to gain a top-down perspective at a glance or for anyone scouting locations and prospects for a roll-up strategy. Ultimately, Midaxo Insights provides a convenient summary of your target that can be easily incorporated into your CRM pipeline.
  2. Outlook Email Integration
    Pipeline+’s Outlook integration allows acquirers to log emails and their associated contacts with a click of a button. Suddenly, tracking communication with potential targets as relationships are cultivated becomes a seamless part of the process. Moreover, these communications sync with the Midaxo app, allowing you to access the information from the palm of your hand.  A small tag on your emails within the outlook app makes it easy to see which emails have been put into Pipeline+.
  3. Project Permissions
    Personalized permission settings are essential in M&A CRM as there are numerous parties and stakeholders involved in the process; oftentimes, these personalized settings are missing from traditional CRM platforms. M&A best practices and required security call for more specific settings – simply put, stakeholders and team members should only have access to what they need to see. Midaxo’s Pipeline+ has addressed this common generic CRM pitfall by designing specific, personalized permission settings that can be leveraged by involved parties.
  4. Mobility and Flexibility
    Corporate Development teams are often on the go, and acquirer’s engaged in a roll-up strategy are often on the road surveying locations; therefore, the ability to be mobile while working is extremely important. With Pipeline+, Corporate Development teams can work on the road using Midaxo’s mobile app; better yet, teams can work quickly and simply by using speech to text and their phone cameras to capture business cards and/or location images.

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