Holistic M&A: Why It is Needed Now More Than Ever

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Introduction: As Corporate Global Executive and writer Pearl Zhu says, “Holistic Thinking is a combination of analysis, systems thinking, and critical thinking.” However, as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity continues to ramp up post-Covid, stakeholders’ and practitioners’ excitement for M&A has the potential to cloud the thoughtful analysis and overall strategy that should drive deals. … Read more

4 Important Steps for Proactive IPO Planning

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Introduction More companies went public in 2020 than any other year so far in the 21st century. From Roblox, to The Honest Company, to Poshmark, and Coinbase, the buzz behind going public continues as we move deeper into 2021. Driving the increased turn from private to public are a few business trends and market factors … Read more

Extracting Deal Value & Fighting Value Erosion

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Introduction: Value creation starts earlier than you think; it begins with an overarching M&A strategy for inorganic growth, which allows you to identify the most appropriate targets for your strategy. Once your targets are lined up, teams need to quickly shift to how they are going to create value through a specific acquisition or divestiture … Read more

Expert Views: 3 Best Practices for Tailored and Effective Integration

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Integration remains one of the most talked about aspects of M&A, yet successful integration still alludes many acquirers. This can be due in part to the limited views of cross-functional leaders, as well as the tendency to either oversimplify integrations (think running off of checklists) or overcomplicate integrations (i.e. creating a completely new integration plan … Read more

Expert Views: Improve Your Target Selection For Cleaner Deals

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In our recent M&A Chat interview with David Lewis, when reflecting on his extensive experience in the worlds of finance and M&A, he notes he would tell his former self, “know what success looks like before you get into due diligence.” This seemingly simple advice is, in fact, not always common practice — especially with the ever-increasing trend … Read more

Midaxo Rated #1 M&A Platform on G2

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Midaxo is proud to announce it is currently the top M&A platform on G2 based on user reviews, outranking M&A platform competitors such as Intralinks, DealRoom, and Ansarada. While at times online reviews can have questionable credibility, G2 prides itself on authenticity — real, timely reviews by actual users; in fact, it is known as “where you … Read more

CREO’s Key Factors for Right Sizing Your Post-Merger Integration

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Introduction: The risks of not right sizing your integration span from stunted growth to missed opportunity and frustration. For instance, if you oversize your integration with resources and planning, you lose speed and agility; if you go too light, you can overlook critical aspects of culture and synergies.  Given the complexity of right sizing integrations, … Read more

Roll-Up Strategies & The Right M&A Software Solution

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Introduction: Roll ups are predicted to be a significant part of M&A strategy in 2021. Historically, they have faced both praise and criticism from industry experts — at times dubbed fool-proof ways to generate value, while at other times called out for high failure rates. With these conflicting views in mind, below we clear some … Read more