How to Preserve Value in Small Acquisitions: Part I

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Last month, Galina Wolinetz, MD Integrations & Separations at Virtas Partners shared her insights on the acquisition and integration of smaller companies into larger ones using examples from her personal experience. During the live Q&A — Preserving the Spark: Realizing Value When Acquiring Smaller Companies — Galina covered a broad range of considerations, challenges and … Read more

7 Key Takeaways from M&A Industry Experts

The most recent Transaction Advisors Institute (TAI) M&A conference was held at the University of Chicago in late June and covered topics ranging from current challenges impacting complex transactions to innovative methods to improve deal performance. Corporate development leaders, in-house M&A counsel and private equity investors from a range of industries and regions shared first-hand … Read more

5 Steps to a Successful Post-Merger (M&A) Integration

1. Execute with confidence Post-merger integration (PMI) is a fundamental stage in realizing the value of an M&A deal. It is a complex process requiring careful planning and swift action while simultaneously maintaining core business activities. A successful post-merger integration typically requires changes in a company’s business operations, people, processes, culture and structure. Failure to … Read more

Unlocking Deal Success: Introducing the Midaxo Value Tracker

Tracking the progress of your deals to your initiatives and KPIs increases the likelihood that they achieve their projected value. M&A transactions involve complex processes, multiple stakeholders and a significant amount of data. To navigate these challenges and maximize deal success, professionals are leveraging innovative digital technologies. One such tool gaining prominence in the M&A … Read more

Streamlining Your M&A Pipeline with Midaxo Deal Scoring

Managing a large pipeline of potential deals can be a daunting task. Deal teams often struggle to prioritize targets effectively and stay focused on the highest value opportunities. However, by leveraging first- and third-party data with Midaxo Deal Scoring, dealmakers can more efficiently focus their pipeline management, prioritize targets based on their deal thesis, and … Read more

Midaxo Workspaces Help Teams Isolate Deal Pipelines While Sharing Best Practices 

Introduction Corporate dealmaking often requires the isolation of corporate development teams and their deal flows for compliance, confidentiality, and other business reasons. Ensuring security and confidentiality is crucial because a single careless click of a mouse could jeopardize a deal, cause regulatory chaos, or damage a company’s reputation. However, maintaining visibility and effectively managing the … Read more

How AI Can Enhance M&A Deal Sourcing

Introduction: M&A deal sourcing is one of the most obvious and intriguing application areas that can be improved with AI tools such as ChatGPT. Corporate development teams can miss good opportunities if they don’t notice important developments in real time, and there is only so much target searching, monitoring, and analysis that can feasibly be … Read more

The Challenges and Benefits of Acquiring Smaller Companies

Introduction: Acquiring smaller companies has become a widely used strategy for organizations to expand their market presence and increase their competitiveness. While high-profile acquisitions often grab headlines, acquisitions of smaller companies are much more common and, in many cases, more successful. In this post, we will explore some of the challenges and benefits associated with … Read more

The Key to a Winning M&A Pipeline

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Introduction  The landscape of M&A is undergoing significant changes, driven by evolving market dynamics and technological advancements. The traditional approach of large, one-off deals is giving way to smaller, more frequent programmatic ones that involve more flexibility and agility. Similarly, the reliance on advisory-led deals is decreasing, with more companies opting for own-sourced deals that … Read more

Creating an M&A Playbook with ChatGPT as Your Consultant

Introduction This article showcases how ChatGPT can serve as an effective M&A consultant by demonstrating how it can be used to help develop a best practices-based M&A playbook. An M&A playbook is a comprehensive framework that guides an organization’s M&A activities from start to finish. Developing an M&A playbook is typically a challenging and time-consuming … Read more