Running your ISMS in Midaxo

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Midaxo has always taken information security seriously as we understand how crucial it is for our customers to keep their data safe. We have a comprehensive, high-quality information security management system (ISMS) for risk management and mitigation to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Audited by KPMG, the Midaxo ISMS meets the international ISO/IEC 27001:2013 … Read more

7 Reasons to Adopt Automated Reporting and Best Practice Templates

Automated Reporting & Best Practice Templates banner image

Traditional M&A reporting – on your pipeline, on the progress of acquisitions, or on the status of integrations – is typically tedious and time-consuming. The deliverables are static, short-lived, crowded with irrelevant information and are often missing the right pipeline metrics or progress information. Preparing for weekly meetings or presentations to leadership turns into lengthy … Read more

10 Steps to a More Successful M&A Due Diligence Process

10 Due Diligence steps

The M&A due diligence process has (thankfully) moved well beyond physical data rooms and floor to ceiling stacks of folders. The new normal for an increasing number of companies is the use of software, digital playbooks and automated analytics across reports and dashboards. Such advances have increased the speed, efficiency and security of the M&A due … Read more

7 M&A Pipeline Metrics You Should Be Tracking

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Intro: Tracking pipeline metrics goes a long way to providing a constant health check of M&A and corporate development initiatives. Doing so can provide valuable insight into the number of potential acquisition targets being evaluated & in what stage, why targets are being rejected, where things are being held up and how a company is … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Need to Automate M&A Reporting

5 Reasons Why You Need to Automate M&A Reporting

M&A reporting has traditionally been characterized by a manual process, whereby deal teams collate reams of data and work it into a static PowerPoint report – which inevitably becomes out of date within hours. The process is repeated week-after-week prior to Monday morning progress meetings – often by a number of ambitious analysts, who are at … Read more