10 Steps to a More Successful M&A Due Diligence Process

10 Due Diligence steps

The M&A due diligence process has (thankfully) moved well beyond physical data rooms and floor to ceiling stacks of folders. The new normal for an increasing number of companies is the use of software, digital playbooks and automated analytics across reports and dashboards. Such advances have increased the speed, efficiency and security of the M&A due … Read more

Corporate Development & Post-Deal Implementation

Corporate Development & Post-Deal Implementation

Not too long ago, corporate development departments were focused almost exclusively on acquisitions. Now, these teams run a whole spectrum of deal types including corporate venturing, divestments, joint ventures, alliances and partnerships.  Additionally, companies have started to systematize key processes beyond the core deal sourcing, M&A due diligence and central integration management. Now, key value capture and … Read more

Post-Merger Integration Thinking in the M&A Process

A Guide to M&A Deal Flow and M&A Pipeline Management

A revolutionary shift in the M&A world took place years ago. This is when deal teams began post-merger integration planning prior to Day One of legal ownership of the acquired company. The concept is now recognized as one of many M&A best practices. Forward-thinking organizations in M&A have built a repeatable process, including proven playbooks and effective technology, … Read more