5 Things to Consider When Evaluating Cybersecurity in M&A Vendors

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With increased cyber threats, cybersecurity due diligence in M&A transactions is a must for companies, protecting them from reputational and financial risks.  Cybersecurity due diligence can be simplified by using a dedicated M&A platform. This will help you manage your deal pipeline, disinvestments, post-merger integration process, consulting, legal operation etc. Vendors that adopt such deal-management … Read more

Why Your M&A Process Needs More Than a VDR

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Introduction: Virtual data rooms (VDRs) gained popularity around 2001 and have become an increasingly popular tool for mergers and acquisitions. In fact, every day hundreds of people search for VDRs via the internet. Here is the problem though when it comes to M&A and virtual data rooms: while they have transformed the ability to secure … Read more

The ROI of M&A Software Solutions

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Introduction: I recently participated in a M&A Leadership Council conference focused on realizing the return on investment (ROI) of M&A Software Solutions. The Council did  not mince words; in fact, it boldly proclaimed at its latest webinar that if you are going to be an acquirer (corporate, PE, or any other kind), you need to … Read more

M&A Spring Cleaning: Completing Overdue Integrations

Completing Overdue Integrations

Uncaptured Synergies from the Past Acquisitions During the economic expansion over the past 10+ years, many of our clients embarked on an ambitious spree of add-on, tuck-in, and even transformational acquisitions. Many of them were focused on building their target pipelines and executing deals. Sometimes they had time only for superficial integrations of the acquired … Read more

Six Considerations When Choosing an M&A Software Solution

6 Considerations When Choosing M&A Software Solution

The M&A software market is relatively new to the B2B technology landscape. Consequently, it can be difficult to have a firm grasp on the questions you should be asking — as well as the criteria you should be leveraging — to effectively narrow down the best M&A software solution. The adoption and success of a new software … Read more

9 Key Steps to Post-Merger Integration Success

A Guide to M&A Deal Flow and M&A Pipeline Management

Across the M&A life-cycle, post-merger integration is one of the most critical processes to ensuring a successful acquisition. While taking a prudent approach to valuation and not overpaying for revenue synergies can go some way to preventing a failed integration, there are other key factors which, if approached correctly, can significantly increase the chance of integration success (or … Read more

Transparency in Post-Merger Integration Meetings

A Guide to M&A Deal Flow and M&A Pipeline Management

Your integration framework is in place. Functional leads are fully armed, and at their battle stations. Ready… Set… DAY 1! As soon as the clock starts ticking, every second in a PMI project matters. As Kaija Katariina Erkkilä outlines in her article on PMI speed, “speed in M&A integration execution does bring value and it … Read more

Post-Merger Integration Thinking in the M&A Process

A Guide to M&A Deal Flow and M&A Pipeline Management

A revolutionary shift in the M&A world took place years ago. This is when deal teams began post-merger integration planning prior to Day One of legal ownership of the acquired company. The concept is now recognized as one of many M&A best practices. Forward-thinking organizations in M&A have built a repeatable process, including proven playbooks and effective technology, … Read more